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You want a beautiful, healthy smile. Our goal is to provide you with exactly that.  We'll customize a lifetime strategy of optimal dental health that will take you beyond surface beauty and provide you with a smile you truly love.

Smile Transformations

Dr.Vastardis is one of 18 US dentists to be accepted into the European Society of Esthetic Dentistry


Snap On Smiles

There Is Nothing More Beautiful Than A Healthy Smile

Our Mission

Request An AppointmentTo differentiate our practice by setting the standard for excellence in total dental care.  We firmly believe that good overall health begins in the mouth and that exceptional dental health requires a synergy of clinical excellence and old-fashioned caring.

Dr. Vastardis nominated for Best of Long Island Dentist 2014

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Dr.Vastardis is the first private practicing Dentist in New York State to incorporate the revolutionary new Oral Cancer device Velscope.


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Our Commitment to Quality

We are proud to be setting the standard of excellence in dentistry and patient care for Long Island and the Garden City area.  Our commitment to quality governs every aspect of our work and ensures that we will always exceed your expectations.  We perform superior dentistry using only the best material, advanced dental technologies and cutting-edge dental laboratories.  We offer the following services: Cosmetic Dentistry, Bleaching and Teeth Whitening, Implant Prosthetics, Crowns and Caps, Tooth Colored Fillings, Dentures, Partial Dentures,  Breath Disorders, Gum Treatments, Endodontics (Selected Root Canal Therapy), and more.

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